Lisa Gliederpuppe

A collaboration with Arnold Quanjer 

The HEART- BEAT Pulse Matcher is a small device that can be added to an accessory or piece of clothing, which;

  • Compares the heart- beat of two people.

  • Send a signal if the rhythm of the heartbeat is equal.

  • Stimulates social interaction in almost every thinkable context.

Two people wear an Arduino LilyPad integrated in an accessory or piece of clothing. A pulse sensor detects their heartbeat. On the rhythm of their heartbeat a pulse signal is transmitted that can be received and interpreted by the other Arduino Lilypad. The signal is only detected when the two participants are within a certain distance from each other. The incoming pulse signal is compared with the heartbeat of the receiving participant. The result of the comparison is translated in an experience that is perceived through light, vibration or sound and gives an indication about the way the two heartbeats merge with each other.

photos by Arnold Jan Quanjer

photos by Ahmad Azizyar

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    Self portrait// Screen Shot 2012 Face Recognition

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Just playing// Programming face recognition 2012

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